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ELEFOOT massage roller is a multi-purpose therapeutic tool, new and innovative, suitable to self-massage or mutual massage.
This massage roller is designed and suitable for everyone to an enormous diversity of uses:

  • Massage of any sort, for all parts of the body, occupational therapy, ADHD and a huge variety of other uses.
  • The massage roller is miniature, easy to carry in your pocket and can be used everywhere. You can take it to the office, flight, car, yoga class, gym, a business meeting, a movie theater etc.
  • The ELEFOOT massage roller can be used to amplify pressure for a deep tissue massage, or as a hand fidget toy during a lecture or in the classroom. Roll your foot over it while working on the keyboard or loosen your neck while watching a movie.
  • The massage roller is water resistant and apart from the fact that it can be easily cleaned with hot water and soap, it can also be used in the bath and pool. It is also sweat resistant.
The innovative design, the high-quality silicon and versatile usability make the ELEFOOT a perfect gift that suits everyone at an attractive price.With the ELEFOOT you will never feel bored. Using it is simple, but the more you use it, the more possibilities and skill you discover and so this massage roller becomes a tool you don’t want to let go of.
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